Is it good to sleep with air purifier?

For people with allergies, an air purifier can make a big difference in how comfortable it is to breathe. An air purifier eliminates common allergens, Dr. Using them can reduce nasal congestion, sinus headaches, watery eyes and sneezing. Mendez agreed, adding that air purifiers reduce exposure to allergens, and with fewer allergens in the air, you're less likely to have an adverse reaction.

Air purifiers have a positive impact on our lives, so some may wonder if that impact extends to sleep. Air pollution doesn't stop when we sleep, so the simple answer is yes, if you want all the benefits of your air purifier, it should be working in your room when you sleep. You can also find air purifiers with an activated carbon filter that can even remove gases and smoke particles from the air. The fans suck in the air, the filter traps allergens, and the air that is returned to the room is clean and pure.

Smart Air is a social enterprise that creates simple and sensible air purifiers and provides free education to protect people's health from the effects of air pollution. Another problem with moving air with a fan is that dust or other nearby irritants can be removed in the air. One way to combat poor indoor air quality while resting can be to use an air purifier in your bedroom. While the sound of most air purifiers is considered white noise, many air purifiers also come equipped with something called “sleep mode”.

Like water and electricity, air takes the path of least resistance, so it and any contaminants will preferentially look for the gaps around the filter and avoid being cleaned. The reason is that the purifier will circulate air throughout your home, which means that everyone in your family can benefit from cleaner air. High-quality filters in an air purifier can help remove dust and dirt particles from the room, which can aggravate eczema symptoms. Buying an air purifier that has the sleep mode feature allows you to get the best of both worlds, some air purifiers even have built-in programmable alarms.

The most common type of filter is a mechanical filter, which removes particles from the air by trapping them in a mesh. This is usually not a problem with a decent air purifier because the air moves directly to the filter.

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